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The Madeline Centre, provides clinic, school, and home based services to children and adults

Our Team

Our family of caring and highly-trained clinicians is dedicated to supporting you and your family.

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Our Services Include

Addiction & Recovery Treatment Services
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Intensive In-Home Care
TMC provides comprehensive services to children & families in the home.
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Outpatient Services
Since 1996, TMC has been helping individuals and families through some of their most difficult times.
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Behavior & Autism Services
TMC is recognized as a leader in providing Applied Behavior Analysis services through clinic, school and home based settings.
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Therapeutic Day Treatment
TMC provides school and clinic based services to high risk children and adolescents.
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About The Madeline CentRE

Dedicated in 1996, The Madeline Centre (TMC) began as an outpatient counseling office, an extension of Madeline’s legacy. Born into a conflict-ridden, Depression-era family, Madeline overcame issues of neglect, abuse, family substance dependence, and being the primary caregiver for an intellectually disabled sibling. Despite these challenges, Madeline grew up to be a loved and respected member of her family, her church and her community.

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you’re not alone. We can walk with you through depression, anxiety, substance abuse, auTism, and an array of other issues.

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