New Services

We are pleased to announce that we have just added two new services to our program.  In order to serve children with autism spectrum disorders, we now have our Behavioral and Autism Services (BAS) component.  This is designed to serve children and their families in the areas of Lynchburg, Danville, Pittsylvania and Charlotte counties.   The program is centered around applied behavioral analysis and directed by Cherie Arnn, who is a Certified Applied Behavioral Analyst.  We work with children in the homes up to 12 hours a week. 

We also have implemented our Mental Health Suppports program beginning January 2, 2012.  The target populations for this are: 

Youths 18 and older who are working to live on their own.

Parents of at risk youth and foster children who are overwhelmed with parenting responsibilities due to mental illness.

Adults who are at risk of psychiatric hospitalization and need help to establish an independent lifestyle.

Our mental health services are unique in that the program includes a 22 items needs assessment on each client, our program is based on a medical managment model, each participant receives a wellness kit, and we focus on family stablization through building healthy and healing relationships.


Trauma Sensitive Schools

A lot of new research related to the brain is giving therapists new insight on how to treat trauma. Children who have suffered from trauma, have gone unstudied in the past, but now is the focus of many major studies, especially the effect on school participation and learning. Children, who have been the subject of or witness to major trauma, have altered stress response systems. They are easily triggered by seemingly non-threatening circumstances, which to the uneducated observer may be seen as apathy or defiance, when in effect it is the body’s response to protect the child against further trauma.

There are now whole school systems, and states such as California, Wisconsin, and Delaware which are mandating that all school personnel be educated to the effects of trauma and how to manage the behaviors of children who have been traumatized. They do not respond to normal punishment and reward responses, which often increase their stress and cause them to escalate their behavior.

The Madeline Centre is taking an active role in promoting trauma sensitive schools in our day treatment program and in workshops throughout the state.

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